Precision Machining To Exceptional Standards

Watson-Towers machine shop is equipped with both CNC and conventional machine tools. We facilitate the manufacture and fabrication of a wide variety of components to meet the needs of a vast range of applications. We have successfully delivered complex components to a number of different industries such as oil and gas, marine, construction and renewables.

Machine Shop Plant List 

CNC Turning

  • Dalian CKE6180Z. Max turning dia 800mm swing x 2500 length including steady and 4 jaw capability.

  • Mazak Slant turn 30

  • Okuma LC30

  • Okuma LC30

CNC Milling

  • Dugard eagle 1300 . Max component size 1500 x 1000.

  • Hartford HV70 max component size X2000, Y800, Z700

  • Butler Elgamil CNC max component size X6000, Y3000, Z1800

Horizontal Boring

  • Union horizontal boring with numerical control.  Max size X2000 Y1600 Z7000

  • Kearns Richard SH75 horizontal boring with numerical control X1200 Y1200 Z5000

Universal Milling

  • Huron MU6 max component 2000x1000x700

  • Boko Universal mill max component 1500x1500x1000

  • Cincinnati milacron max component 3000x200x100

Large Plate Machining

  • Ficep Gemini large plate processing and CNC machining max component 15000x3100x500


  • Faro arm portable CMM measuring machine, max component 3000x3000x1000

Section Processing

The Endeavour is a new three spindle drilling line for the high speed processing of plate, beams and shaped rolled sections with small and large dimensions.

  • Material is processed 30% - 40% more efficiently than traditional fabrication techniques 

  • Cutting times 30% quicker than standard band saws (with process saw attached)

  • Laser measuring devices ensure high precision accuracy of the processed material. 

  • Independant three axis processing of each spindle, plus CNC scribing of part numbers on all axes.