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Plate from stock

We stock carbon steel plate materials from 1mm to 450mm thick.
Material Specifications include the popular BSEN 10025:S275(JR) and BSEN 10025:S355J2+N & K2+N and also offshore grades EN 10225:S355G8/9/10+M

With our vast supplier contacts we can offer just about any grade of material and cut to meet your exact requirements – so please ask and we’ll meet your every need!


We offer the highest standards in profile burning to meet our stringent quality control, giving complete traceability from steel mills to end user.

Gas Profile Burners and hi-definition plasma cutting machines are all CNC controlled, giving precise cutting to meet and exceed current profiling standards.

Our profiling services and machines at a glance

With our state-of-the-art CNC Gas and Plasma cutting machines we can cut and mark vast sizes of steel – quickly and precisely. We pride ourselves in using the very latest technology for a guaranteed solution that’ll exceed your expectations…

State-of-the-art machinery

Our ESAB Gas and Plasma Machines are among the newest in the UK. And with the Plasma VBA Global Pro, we can apply ESAB’s Precision Hole TechnologyTM and Plasma Bevelling (see below).

Oxy-Fuel Burning

Our Gas Burning Machines both have 6 cutting heads for faster and more cost efficient cutting. Our table sizes for the Gas Machine are 40m x 6m. So no plate is ever too big to cut.

Plasma Bevelling

We can offer bevel cut parts from -45° to +45° and offer multi-pass bevelling for V, Y, X & K cuts up to 35mm thick. Our Plasma Bevel Machine can cut up to 50mm thick vertically.

Precision Hole TechnologyTM

If you’re looking for world-class plasma cut holes and the highest quality edge cuts, look no further. To create bolt-ready holes with plasma requires cylindricity measured in thousands of an inch. The Plasma VBA Global Pro achieves this with ease by producing the highest quality plasma cut bolt-ready holes in mild steel up to 2.5cm thick and holes down to 1:1 diameter to thickness ratio. Our table size for this machine is 12m x 3m.

Plasma marking

ALL our machines have the capability to plasma mark in high definition. One of the biggest advantages of plasma marking is the capability to mark on wet, oily or rusted surfaces – it’s the ideal method for signing mild steel, stainless steel or all electrical conducive materials.